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robbert-300Robbert Myrrh is a singer/songwriter from the Netherlands. Born 1970 in Amsterdam. He recorded one album in 1994: “Till There Is Nothing Left” The rather gloomy songs didn’t seem to fit in the musical market at the time and shortly after he turned his back on the music business disillusioned and decided only to play for friends in the future. The album slept in the archive for almost 20 years and is now finally available. Musicians:Robbert Myrrh: Vocal, Acoustic Guitar.Mirko Michalzik: Drums, Bass, Guitars.Nick Oosterhuis: Keyboards, Guitars, Backup Vocals.Arranged, recorded & mixed 1994 @ Ejectstudio, Germany by Nick Oosterhuis & Mirko Michalzik. Mastered 2013 by Mirko Michalzik @ Emily Music Production.Produced by Nick Oosterhuis for Eject Music Publishing.

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